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POST Academy

FLATROCK Regional Training Center is the home to the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Academy.  This academy is Colorado POST approved, held two times each year and is twenty-two weeks long. Our classes run January-June and July-December.


The academy is used by the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to hire and train qualified staff and is open to other agencies throughout Colorado to send their cadets for training.  At the end of the academy, each cadet must take and pass the Colorado POST exam in order to become a certified, commissioned Law Enforcement Officer. 


Our dedicated staff works closely with each cadet to ensure they are able to perform each new skill and retain the knowledge they are tasked with learning.  The success of every cadet is the priority to our instructors and staff. 


For information to apply for our academy, please contact Adams County Sheriff’s Office Human Resources at 303-654-1850. For agency participation at our academy and related costs, please contact the FLATROCK Regional Training Center at 720-523-7500.

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