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FLATROCK is committed to the highest quality of training.  We host classes throughout the year .  Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a course, or if you have feedback regarding classes and courses you would like to see hosted at FLATROCK.

NTOA SWAT Command Decision-Making and Leadership 1


This course is designed to expose police SWAT Team Commanders and Supervisors to contemporary SWAT issues, tactics and procedures. Topics include major incident debriefs; leadership issues, emotional intelligence, justifying SWAT; the use of SWAT Teams; SWAT standards and professionalism; contemporary SWAT issues and concerns; SWAT and the media; selection, training, discipline and removal of supervisors and team members; crisis negotiations considerations; tactical operation center considerations; operational planning; weapons and equipment selection; legal issues and considerations; critical incident management; barricade and hostage procedures; warrant service planning and procedures; and much more.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention.

Course Dates:

June 17-21, 2019

Course Information

Ground Tactics for Law Enforcement Professionals

Today’s law enforcement professionals and our tactics have come under increasingly negative scrutiny by the media, politicians, and our communities themselves.  It is the goal of this class to help address these issues by creating instructors that are mindful of the balance between the guardian and warrior roles our officers must play in our communities.  Our class will bring confidence to your officers that they will win any encounter, while focusing on escalation and de-escalation, and the before, during, and after, aspects of any use of force.

Course Dates:

May 13-15, 2019

Course Information

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